Twitter Talks

Announcement: Thank you to everyone who participated in the Twitter Talks. If you were not able to attend, you can still view all of the talks by visiting our @SeaTurtleTalks Twitter account or searching the hashtag #SeaTurtleTalks on Twitter. Links to individual talks can also be found in the Abstract Booklet under each presenter's abstract.

Sea Turtle Twitter Talks Abstract Book 2021

What are Sea Turtle Twitter Talks (STTT)??

STTT, as the name suggests, is a conference that takes place entirely on Twitter. There are some great examples and explanations of twitter conferences that have been conducted by other societies such as the World Seabird Twitter Conference.

Usually twitter conferences are scheduled over one day or a couple of days. Presenters tweet a series tweets (280 characters plus accompanying images, graphics, animations etc) during their scheduled period of time, usually 15 mins within the conference time frame. Presenters include a common conference hashtag in their tweets which enables people to follow along and see all the presentations for the conference. Because the conference is on Twitter the audience is global and creates exposure for the talks outside of the members of any one society. Twitter conferences allow presenters and audience to catch up on the latest research and network with colleagues without having to travel and at a minimal environmental and economic cost.

Anyone is eligible to present a Sea Turtle Twitter Talk. We particularly encourage submissions from students and members of the sea turtle community who wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to present at an International Sea Turtle Symposium (ISTS), including artists.

How do you participate in the Sea Turtle Twitter Talks?

Presenters: Presenters will deliver short “talks” on twitter that consist of a thread of 5–7* tweets (See presenters' guide at the bottom of this webpage). Tweets are limited to 280 characters but can be accompanied by images, graphics, animations, and short videos. Presenters need to use specific hashtags provided by the conference organizers so anyone can track tweets, re-tweets, etc. Presentations would occur in batches of 2-4 hour periods throughout the day aligned with presenter time zones to ensure equity in time allotments. Tweets can also be scheduled in advance if the time slot allocated to a presenter is not practical. Within these time periods, new presentations will be tweeted every 15 min with unstructured discussions extending well after that. We encourage anyone interested in presenting a twitter talk to submit a short abstract (details below), this will ensure your talk is included in the schedule shared with all registrants and your abstract included in the final STTT abstract online booklet.

Twitter Audience: Follow along on Twitter. Anyone can view the tweets during STTT and follow along by searching for the #SeaTurtleTalks hashtag. People are encouraged to like, retweet and comment on the tweets. The Twitter account for the STTT is @SeaTurtleTalks

Everyone: Two days after the scheduled Twitter talks, there will then be a follow-up panel discussion held via zoom. This discussion session will include a short summary of the Twitter presentations by the session chair. The discussion sessions will then involve informal type discussions that allow people to discuss the presentations, network, and ask questions directly to the panelists. The discussion session would also allow people who do not have, or are not interested in creating, a Twitter account to engage in the event. For more details about the Panel Discussion session and registering your interest click on the "Panel Discussion" tab of this website.

How much time am I expected to spend on this if I participate?

Presenters need to submit a short <100 word abstract.

Presentation abstracts will be organized by time zone and collated into an abstract booklet that will be made publicly available in advance of the conference with a schedule for the talks.

Presenters would then need to prepare 5–7* tweets for their talk. Each tweet is limited to 280 characters and can be accompanied by images, graphics, animations, and short videos. For reference on style and types of twitter presentations see the recent World Seabird Twitter Conference Abstract Booklet for links to their twitter presentations for the recent 2021 conference.

Presentations need to be posted to Twitter by the author during the author's allocated time slot. Time slots will be allocated based on the author’s time zone.

We encourage the presenter to post their tweets in real time on Twitter to answer questions live. Alternatively, presenters can schedule their tweets in advance if they cannot be present for their allotted time.

We encourage presenters to also engage with the other Twitter talks throughout the day and participate in the panel discussion session two days later.

How the Sea Turtle Twitter Talks will work:

Register to submit a presentation (Abstract submission is open July 19–Sep 2)

Tweet your presentation with a title, include the hashtags #SeaTurtleTalks , #TurtleTuesday and other relevant subject hashtag(s)

Discuss and engage – throughout the 24h conference; make sure to answer the questions from the community, committee and comment on other #SeaTurtleTalks

*Note: Presenters can post two separate Twitter threads if they wish to present their talks in both English and their native language.

SeaTurtleTalks Presenters’ Guide.docx