Sea Turtle Talks

A Virtual Event

Announcements: Abstract submission for Twitter Talks is now OPEN. Register your talk by August 15th!

We are excited to announce the launch of Sea Turtle Talks, a three-day virtual event to be held September 14–16, 2021!

The goals of this event are to re-connect the global sea turtle community in advance of the 40th International Sea Turtle Symposium* and provide new, in-formal opportunities and discussions to learn about sea turtle research, conservation, and management around the world.

Planned virtual events include Twitter Talks (i.e., Twitter conference), a rehab chat (i.e., planning workshop), and a panel discussion.

This is an International Sea Turtle Society (ISTS) event, supported and promoted by the ISTS Board of Directors.

*Please note, the Sea Turtle Talks virtual event is separate from the 40th International Sea Turtle Symposium and has a different organizing committee.

Twitter Talks

September 14th

A day-long Twitter conference showcasing the latest sea turtle research, conservation, management, outreach, and artwork from around the world.

Rehab Chat

September 15th

A planning meeting for the ISTS40 Medicine, Rescue, and Rehab Workshop.

Panel Discussion

September 16th

A panel discussion on impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on sea turtle research and conservation.

Separate registration required for each event.

Key Dates

  • Jul 19 – Aug 15: Registration open for Twitter Talks

  • Aug 16 – Sep 2: Registration open for Rehab Chat and Panel Discussion

  • Sep 6: Program released to participants and the public (posted here)

Organizing Committee

(in alphabetical order)

Néstor Dávalos: Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias Marinas, Mexico

Daniela Freggi: Lampedusa Turtle Rescue Center, Italy

Marco García Cruz: Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research, University of Florida, United States

Erin McMichael: ECS Federal in support of NOAA Fisheries, United States

Alejandra Morales Mérida: Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, Guatemala; Laboratoire Écologie, Systématique, Évolution, Université Paris Saclay, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, AgroParisTech, Orsay, France

Matthew Ramirez: Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island, United States

Miguel Reyes López: Centro de Biotecnología Genómica, Instituti Politécnico Nacional, Mexico

Sibelle Vilaça: Università di Ferrara, Italy

Sean Williamson: Florida Atlantic University, United States; Monash University, Australia

The Sea Turtle Talks virtual event is hosted on behalf of: